Pappy's Bangers And Mash

Pappy's Bangers And Mash: Series 3, Episode 1 - Pot Noodles in Time

Staring straight into the sun it's PBam 3.1. As the sun rises in your ear canal on a brand new year - the three shamans of podcasting Clark, Crosby and Parry whisper into a solstice of chat fun and guff to bless the 12 months ahead. Hear we go listener dear!! 'tis the age of Earquarius.

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Published: 15th January 2017.   Length: 36 minutes.   Size: 32.8mb

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Pappy's Bangers and Mash.

Series 3, Episode 2 - PodCath Me If You Can

Date: 20th February 2017   Length: 50 mins   Size: 46.2mb

I'm doing a poo it's pbam 3:2! Listener dear I really am doing a poo as I write this!! But don't let that distract you from this smashing job lot...


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