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No Pressure To Be Funny: Series 7, Episode 3 (30th March 2014)

No Pressure to Be Funny, March 30th 2014 - in which we deliver something unique in the history of British media - an interesting, informative and very funny discussion of the EU... Joe Wells brings the long-overlooked dolphin angle of the Ukraine crisis to public attention, causing Robin Ince to lose his nice-guy-in-an-edgy-cardigan image, Alex Andreou compares Vladimir Putin enlighteningly to his cat, and Suzanne Moore lyrically eulogises Ed Miliband's 'MDMA eyes'. Pippa Evans introduces the new king of wimp-rock alongside her more famous character Loretta Maine. With the regular contributions from Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell, and hosted as usual by James O'Brien.

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Published: 1st March 2014.   Length: 54 minutes.   Size: 49.90mb

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No Pressure To Be Funny. Image shows from L to R: James Sherwood, Nick Revell, Tom Levitt, James O'Brien, Aisling Bea, Bob Mills, Liam Mullone.

Series 7, Episode 6 (29th June 2014)

Date: 30th June 2014   Length: 80 mins   Size: 73.98mb

As we're taking two months off through the summer, here's a slightly longer podcast than usual; a satirical and seditious seaside special edition, if you will, (not to mention sibilant)...


No Pressure To Be Funny. Image shows from L to R: Suzi Ruffell, Paul Sinha, James O'Brien, Mitch Benn, Nick Revell, Dan Smith.

Series 8, Episode 1 (28th September 2014)

Date: 30th September 2014   Length: 64 mins   Size: 59.2mb

This month's show is in association with the peace-building charity International Alert. Their Secretary General and No Pressure regular, Dan Smith, gives us a profound and fascinating analysis of the...


No Pressure To Be Funny. Image shows from L to R: Ivan Gayton, Sameena Zehra, Nick Revell, Barry Castagnola, Kevin Day, Chris Coltrane.

Series 8, Episode 2 (26th October 2014)

Date: 27th October 2014   Length: 60 mins   Size: 55.7mb

Given that two of the biggest topics this week are the global threat of a fatal disease with no cure and a string of stories of sexual violence, it's surprising...


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