No Pressure To Be Funny

No Pressure To Be Funny: Series 7, Episode 6 (29th June 2014)

As we're taking two months off through the summer, here's a slightly longer podcast than usual; a satirical and seditious seaside special edition, if you will, (not to mention sibilant) and the perfect way to while away a rainy holiday afternoon when you're trapped in the Tuscan villa, pinned down under fire from Maoist guerrillas whilst trekking in Nepal, or just too hungover to make it to the beach.

Please note: at about 17 minutes, the lights in the room go out... which left us lit just by the red neon sign on the emergency circuit, and enabled Aisling Bea to create a brilliant tragi-comic poetic image of Ed Miliband.

We have two great songs from James Sherwood; Liam Mullone speaks eloquently on behalf of everyone who hates football (and later finds an interesting moral angle on dating porn stars); Bob Mills explains how Luis Suarez is a Renaissance Man; and former MP Tom Levitt baffles the audience by using the complicated political socio-economic insider's phrase 'putting the shits up them'.

As well as football and politics, you get global economics (including the13th Century Florentine banking system), a very sparky discussion of junk food; money-lending and juicing ferrets.

Hope you enjoy. We'll be back in September.

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Published: 30th June 2014.   Length: 80 minutes.   Size: 73.98mb

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