No Pressure To Be Funny

No Pressure To Be Funny: Series 4, Episode 2 (11th November 2012)

Rob Grant, Simon Munnery, Kevin Day and Polly Toynbee join James O'Brien, Nick Revell and Alistair Barrie to tackle the crisis at the BBC; Jimmy Savile; the US Election; Remembrance Day and Afghanistan; the state of the Coalition halfway through its term; class-A drugs; and life in the jungle. With music from Steve Gribbin.

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Published: 13th November 2012.   Length: 47 minutes.   Size: 43.7mb

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No Pressure To Be Funny. Image shows from L to R: Nick Revell, Steve Richards, Alistair Barrie, Max Keiser, Jay Foreman, Aisling Bea, Paul Sinha, Kevin Day.

Series 5, Episode 3 (7th April 2013)

Date: 10th April 2013   Length: 53 mins   Size: 49.08mb

This month's No Pressure sees guest host Kevin Day come up with some interesting new programme ideas for BBC3 based on some thoroughly historical suggestions for punishing financial wrongdoing from...


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