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No Pressure To Be Funny

Series 3, Episode 1 (11th March 2012)

James O'Brien is joined by stand-up Ian Stone; New Statesman journalist Helen Lewis; and unquestionably one of the most important and funniest British comedians ever, Alexei Sayle. Music is from rising star Loretta Maine.

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Published: 15th March 2012.   Length: 41 minutes.   Size: 37.37mb

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No Pressure To Be Funny. Image shows from L to R: Nick Revell, Steve Gribbin, Kevin Day, Nick Doody, Robin Ince, Alex Andreou, Grainne Maguire.

Series 9, Episode 2 (22nd February 2015)

Date: 24th February 2015   Length: 73 mins   Size: 67.9mb

In this month's show we discuss Greece and everything European, TV shows on Mars, racism on Earth, the relative merits of living in east London and Islamic State. All cheerful...


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