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The ManBuyCow Podcast: Series 4, Episode 6

Series 4, Episode 6 - SPACE ANTS!

Giant ant creatures from outer-space have invaded the Earth and enslaved humanity, which is seriously getting in the way of us recording the last in the current series of The ManBuyCow Podcast.

How will Rufus & Howard cope with their new slave jobs? Will Uncle Dennis Quaid lead his small band of useless rebels to victory, or will the Space Ants eat them? Who will betray humanity and join the InformAnts? And who is the only man who can save the world?

FIND OUT! By listening to this TOE-TINGLINGLY EXCITING episode of The ManBuyCow Podcast! AND THEN get even more excited by Chapter Nine of Grett Binchleaf & the Adventure of the Complicated Head!

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Published: 23rd January 2017.   Length: 67 minutes.   Size: 109mb

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