The ManBuyCow Podcast

The ManBuyCow Podcast: Series 2, Episode 3

The Valentine Special. WARNING: this episode is very sexy and those of a delicate disposition SHOULD NOT LISTEN.

We took out all the sketches, the plot, the music, and the characters - and instead, this episode is just Rufus reading an erotic story that Howard wrote several years ago.


If you are a new listener - do not listen to this episode first. Or second. Or at all. If you are a regular listener - do not listen to this episode. If you are under 18, over 18, or exactly 18 - do not listen to this episode. If you are eating, in control of a motor vehicle, on public transport or in the bath - do not listen to this episode. If you ever want to be able to have sex again, or innocently enjoy a lollipop - DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE.

(If you choose to ignore this warning, and would like to join our gallery of people listening - send your reaction face to

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Published: 23rd November 2015.   Length: 55 minutes.   Size: 68.4mb

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