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The ManBuyCow Podcast: Series 1, Episode 1

The Body in the Kitchen. What is in the mysterious box that Uncle Mick left in his will? In order to find out, Rufus & Howard each need to get married - but Howard's busy worrying about vicious dog attacks, and Rufus thinks women prefer men who live in trees. Will they persuade someone to marry them? And will it be worth it when they finally open the box? Find out, by listening to Episode 1 now.

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Published: 6th September 2015.   Length: 37 minutes.   Size: 63.8mb

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ManBuyCow - Series 1, Episode 2.

Series 1, Episode 2

Date: 14th September 2015   Length: 34 mins   Size: 59mb

The Horse in the Bathroom. Why is there a horse in Rufus & Howard's bathroom? And what is the answer to the million-pound question? Howard knows, but he's too busy...


ManBuyCow - Series 1, Episode 3.

Series 1, Episode 3

Date: 21st September 2015   Length: 36 mins   Size: 63.2mb

The Dinosaur in the Garden. Rufus & Howard accidentally unleash a second Jurassic Age. Will they be able to close the time-holes and save the world? Or will they get...


ManBuyCow - Series 1, Episode 4.

Series 1, Episode 4

Date: 28th September 2015   Length: 41 mins   Size: 70.2mb

The Howard in the Sack. Why has Howard been sacked from the podcast? Is it because he offended Canada? Will Rufus find a replacement in time to record episode four:...


ManBuyCow - Series 1, Episode 5.

Series 1, Episode 5

Date: 5th October 2015   Length: 42 mins   Size: 72.6mb

The Old Man in the Attic. Why is Rufus sleeping in the shed? What is Howard's idea of heaven? And who is the internationally famous old man in the attic?...


ManBuyCow - Series 1, Episode 6.

Series 1, Episode 6

Date: 12th October 2015   Length: 44 mins   Size: 78.1mb

The Demon in the Cellar. What's at the bottom of the neverending staircase to the underworld? What happens to Dennis Quaid when there's no jam left for his toast? And...


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