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Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown: Bonus fun: Pappy's Bangers and Mash

Hello Flaslammers!! You may or may not know that, as well as your beloved Flatslam, we also have a podcast called Bangers And Mash. The way it works is that we have a chat, listen back to that chat and then write little sketchy interruptions to drop back into the chat like bangers into mash. If you aren't already a listener we thought we'd give you a chance to size up our extra podular activities by sneaking a classic PBaM onto your Flatslam feed. If you like it you can find all the previous episodes at British Comedy Guide. Don't fret, your regular Flatslam will still be dropping on the 1st of the month.

Pappy's Bangers And Mash: Series 2, Episode 8 - Pick Up Thy Zorb and Roll
Wills & Kate! It's PBam 2.8. Sound the fanfare as the bronze, silver and gold medalists of podcasting hop aboard the podium of sound and sing their national anthems of chat and laugh down your ear canal at world record pace. In a race towards your heart and mind, they cover such events as zorbs, balloons and robots. On your marks - get set - BAM!!

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Published: 22nd September 2016.   Length: 51 minutes.   Size: 47.1mb

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Date: 1st February 2017   Length: 29 mins   Size: 39.2mb

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