Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown: Series 6, Episode 1 (Recycling)

Lou Sanders and Stuart Goldsmith join Pappy's for the first episode of Series 6! Brace yourself for all the usual gubbins PLUS: Matthew apologising for his script, Ben eventually working out a chicken pun, Tom forming Brave Hat club, Lou having some sort of yaketty-based fit and Stu telling us what a 'body wand' is. It's good to be back!

Please do help us spread the word about the new series - which will be coming out on the first day of every month throughout 2016 (if all goes to plan): Facebook it, tweet it, comment on iTunes it. Thanks!

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Published: 1st January 2016.   Length: 43 minutes.   Size: 58.3mb

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