Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing: Series 6 - Teaser

The new series of Do The Right Thing will start next Monday 25th July. So here's a very short 'teaser' episode featuring Producer Ben talking softly into a microphone as his one year old sleeps in the next room and a botched attempt at recording an advert by DTRT linchpins Danielle Ward, Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith.

Please spread the word to the DTRT aficionados in your life that we're back, and also start planning your campaign NOW to help us spread the new series to the ears of new listeners once it is up and running next week. Also... follow us on Twitter, 'Like' it on Facebook and comment on iTunes. Thanks!

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Published: 18th July 2016.   Length: 4 minutes.   Size: 5.7mb

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