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Do The Right Thing: Episode 3 (Thom Tuck & Martin White)

This week the guests are Penny Dreadful and sizeable chunk of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS) Thom Tuck and Karaoke Circus frontman, the white half of Ward & White, fellow Dave-Gorman-on-Absolute refugee and Do The Right Thing music composer Martin White. Armed with them, the teams must tackle the collapse of civilisation, the rights and wrongs of tattoos and excesses of body hair. This week's expert is Santa (genuinely) and we even get to hear the otherwise entirely neglected Film and TV jingle music (composed for a round we've never actually been able to fit into the recording). But if we learn one thing above all else this show, it is that Martin is NOT gay. Or is he? No.

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Published: 6th October 2011.   Length: 31 minutes.   Size: 43mb

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