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Do The Right Thing. Image shows from L to R: Michael Legge, Danielle Ward, Margaret Cabourn-Smith

Do The Right Thing: 2017 Summer Special 2 (Sarah Kendall & Chris Addison)

Sarah Kendall and Chris Addison join the gang for the second and last of our summer special episodes. The teams get a bit tipsy and discuss desert islands, jizz bridges, being friends with exes, nudism, shoe etiquette and eggs with kitchen gadget expert guest Rhik Samadder. Also, for any Producer Ben fans who missed him in the last episode... he's back!

If you're at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, why not check out Michael Legge's show 'Jerk'. Also, why not go and see Sarah Kendall's show 'One-Seventeen'.

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  • Published: 20th July 2017
  • Length: 47 mins
  • Size: 64.9mb

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