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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith: Episode 378 - Stevie Martin

Stevie Martin has been generating excellent material for years, and is now starting to break through due to her jaw-droppingly funny online videos, packed with punchlines and with a genuinely unique flavour. We talk about the huge amount of time and prep that goes into her work, as she battles to feel like a "proper comedian" in an industry that prioritises certain styles, backgrounds and looks. We also explore her brilliant former sketch outfit Massive Dad, and whether their aesthetic made them "unapproachable" as performers; the relative loneliness of stand-up; and trying to love Edinburgh in the way that it deserves to be loved...

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Published: 9th July 2021.   Length: 78 minutes.

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Fin Taylor. Copyright: Zak Kaczmarek.

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