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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith: Episode 373 - Greg Jenner

If you thought wrestlers shared some of the tropes of comedians' lives, wait til you hear about historians! Comedy-adjacent public historian, writer of Dead Famous and other superb books, and creator and host of You're Dead To Me, Greg Jenner had factual oversight on every word of Horrible Histories ever recorded, and wrote some of the jokes too. He's also a student of ComCom and probably our most learned ever guest... We talk about his creative process in constructing analogies that package and frame his research; learn about the pitfalls of generalising and the responsibility of the historian; and he shares his deeply personal struggle with mental health, anxiety and extraordinary insomnia, and they effect they still have on his fraught relationship with celebrity.

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Published: 27th May 2021.   Length: 88 minutes.

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