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Collings & Herrin: Podcast 6

Podcast Six became our second (or third) weekly podcast. In it we joined the nation in Carla Bruni Mania, asked why the Sun won't publish the harmless slang word "nosh" and examined our own personas within the new double act. And we got a free muffin!

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Published: 28th March 2008.   Length: 52 minutes.   Size: 23.8mb

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Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 7

Date: 4th April 2008   Length: 52 mins   Size: 23.7mb

In our seventh podcast, Richard eats a gluten-free biscuit and threatens bran-related odours, and we cover everything from Robert Mugabe and Gary Rhodes to Nick Clegg and Britannia (boo hoo,...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 8

Date: 11th April 2008   Length: 55 mins   Size: 25.2mb

Even though Richard is on holiday, the podcast continues! We talk about Ed Balls and the human-cow hybrid and whether it's acceptable to talk about owls after a September 11th-style...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 9

Date: 18th April 2008   Length: 55 mins   Size: 55.2mb

In our ninth podcast, we put the world to rights, albeit mainly the world of Gordon Brown's body language to the wronged Hillary Clinton, a BEFORE and AFTER spam email...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 10

Date: 28th April 2008   Length: 54 mins   Size: 49.7mb

In our tenth anniversary podcast, we wonder how "sensational" Alan Levy's memoir is going to get on Tuesday, what makes Austrians put people in cellars, why on earth would Trinny...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 11

Date: 2nd May 2008   Length: 53 mins   Size: 48.2mb

In our eleventh podcast, recorded during the knife-edge count in the London mayoral elections, we discuss both the "bloodbath" and the "meltdown" for Labour, while sparing a thought for fascist...


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