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Collings & Herrin: Podcast 3

In our third podcast we were forced to discuss Prince Harry in Afghanistan as it was the only story in all the newspapers. Plus, capital punishment, Paris Hilton's kitten, Lemsip Max and the sweaty Cupid and Fate.

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Published: 29th February 2008.   Length: 51 minutes.   Size: 23.6mb

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Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 4

Date: 14th March 2008   Length: 52 mins   Size: 24mb

Our fourth podcast covers everything from the Budget, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, old mens' noses and wheat to the McCartney divorce settlement and the big question: whether we should do...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 5

Date: 21st March 2008   Length: 51 mins   Size: 23.3mb

In our fifth podcast, a Good Friday Special, we cover everything from our arch-rivals the Nuts Podcast, the paedo who landed, the sad death of Captain Birdseye and the sad...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 6

Date: 28th March 2008   Length: 52 mins   Size: 23.8mb

Podcast Six became our second (or third) weekly podcast. In it we joined the nation in Carla Bruni Mania, asked why the Sun won't publish the harmless slang word "nosh"...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 7

Date: 4th April 2008   Length: 52 mins   Size: 23.7mb

In our seventh podcast, Richard eats a gluten-free biscuit and threatens bran-related odours, and we cover everything from Robert Mugabe and Gary Rhodes to Nick Clegg and Britannia (boo hoo,...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 8

Date: 11th April 2008   Length: 55 mins   Size: 25.2mb

Even though Richard is on holiday, the podcast continues! We talk about Ed Balls and the human-cow hybrid and whether it's acceptable to talk about owls after a September 11th-style...


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