Carl Donnelly & Chris Martin

Carl Donnelly & Chris Martin

A podcast series that has been running for a number of years. Stand-up comedians Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin are joined by a different guest each week to discuss the news and general life.

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Episode 194 - Yianni Agisilaou

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Published: 25th July 2017.   Length: 63 mins.   Size: 115mb

This week we catch up with Yianni Agisilaou. We discuss baby names, Weekend at Bernie's, Dean Cain among other things.

Previous episodes

Sorabh Pant.

Episode 193 - Sorabh Pant

21st July 2017.   73 minutes.

This week we talk about English tourists in India, Indian television and two white guys doing yoga.


Jamie Howard.

Episode 190 - Jamie Howard

11th June 2017.   76 minutes.

Carl and Chris are re-united we talk about kissing each other for 5 seconds, Chris being hungover after his birthday and the general election.


Darrin Rose.

Episode 188 - Darrin Rose

30th April 2017.   65 minutes.

This week we talk Rose Darrin being Chris's new best friend, Carl's romantic poetry and unrequited love.


Al Madrigal.

Episode 184 - Al Madrigal

2nd April 2017.   67 minutes.

This week we talk about Carl winning best comedian in the world, getting a funny review on iTunes and how much money you need to retire.


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