As It Occurs To Me. Richard Herring

As It Occurs To Me: Series 3, Episode 4

It's Season 3, Episode 4 of AIOTM (aiotm) and Rich and his forearm are regretting allowing the audience to make decisions about what is moral and what is not. He has been working hard on his punishment and is just hoping there is a 14-17 year-old boy who will be prepared to take the fruits (or seeds) of his labour. Dan, Christian and Emma are all lending a hand and together they have created one of the most horrendous comedy props in the whole of history. This show might actually break some laws. And if it doesn't then one of the weirdos in the audience definitely has.

Rich had been trying to impress his girlfriend's parents and is coping with the stress of getting into the exclusive after show area at the Jerry Seinfeld gig on Friday. Emma has taken out a superinjunction on herself, Dan has been licking things in public and Christian has been recognised in a toilet in Ipswich. Perhaps foolishly there is another Moral Maze with even more dire consequences for Rich, Pippa Middleton's Disembodied Anus, and the return of an old favourite up to his old duplicity. Christian is up in arms about Britain's Got Talent, but not the stuff that's bothering anyone else. Plus there's the first real screw up of the 26 episodes we've done so far and we don't edit so we've just got to deal with it. Seriously, it is the 21st Century.

WARNING: if you download this show you might end up on a register.

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  • Published: 6th June 2011
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Size: 68.5mb

Some pictures of the 'horrendous comedy prop'. Quite probably not safe for work!

AIOTM prop

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