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As It Occurs To Me: Kickstarter Trailer

AIOTM: The New Class??? It's been five years since the AIOTM caravan closed its doors, all the cumpkins and dumpkins and minted cumpkins are mouldering in a corner, Emma and Dan have not had any work since and Christian turns up at the Leicester Square Theatre every Monday night, just hoping. Richard in the meantime has been off writing critically acclaimed plays and living the life of a millionaire bachelor. But due to popular demand (from himself) he has decided to try to bring the podcast back, with all new stuff (mainly) and all on swanky film. But he needs your help. If you'd like us to make six video eps of AIOTM then donate between a pound and five thousand pounds here:

In the meantime enjoy this skit, which you can also see on video below.

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Published: 16th March 2016.   Length: 4 minutes.   Size: 7.2mb


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AIOTM. Image shows from L to R: Richard Herring, Dan Tetsell, Emma Kennedy, Christian Reilly.

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AIOTM. Image shows from L to R: Christian Reilly, Richard Herring, Matthew Crosby, Emma Kennedy.

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