As It Occurs To Me. Richard Herring

As It Occurs To Me: AIOTM Audio Extra 3

AIOTM Audio Extra 3: Dan has been mysteriously replaced by Matthew Crosby and everyone is trying to process the week's incredible and terrifying news, and Rich wonders if he can get back to the alternate Universe where Trump got dumped and see how things turned out there. Whilst acknowledging that the President-Elect is unsatirisable (and yes, Rich is saluting him in the photo - he for one welcomes our new bumpkin-overlord), they decide to give it a bit of a go, before moving on to cat death, Thundercats, sex robots and the vagaries of Twitter exchanges. Plus International Men's Day fun with Christian Reilly. The world will never be the same again, so it's reassuring that AIOTM will always be exactly the same. Come down and see one or more of the remaining shows live: Tickets here

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  • Published: 14th November 2016
  • Length: 55 mins
  • Size: 76.7mb

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