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As It Occurs To Me: AIOTM Audio Extra 2

AIOTM Audio Extra 2: Richard's usual plan to write AIOTM at the last minute very nearly comes unstuck, when he is betrayed by the thing that he loves. But somehow he pulls it out the pan (in both senses) and constructs a topical bonus podcast (that is not the same show that you Kickstarted - that will be out in 2017) looking into what happens if you follow the Trump ideal of locker room talk, if it's possible to get away with imaginary murder, and looks at some of the most useless logical reasoning known to man from the Brexit camp on Twitter. Rich also recounts a bizarre coincidence involving Jason Manford (pictured), plus there's a song from Christian Reilly and a catch up of what Dan and Emma have been up to. Given the circumstances it's almost impressive.

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Published: 18th October 2016.   Length: 31 minutes.   Size: 42.5mb

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AIOTM. Image shows from L to R: Christian Reilly, Richard Herring, Matthew Crosby, Emma Kennedy.

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AIOTM. Image shows from L to R: Christian Reilly, Richard Herring, Emma Kennedy, Dan Tetsell, Ben Walker.

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As It Occurs To Me. Image shows from L to R: Richard Herring, Emma Kennedy.

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As It Occurs To Me.

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