Richard Herring: Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun

Richard Herring: Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun: Episode 32 - Jacket Potato

Richard is so desperate to impress the TV executives that he has crawled out of his sick bed to do the show. Is it a healthy way to process his recent loss and is he going to face up to why all his characters are so unpleasant and right wing. It includes probably the world's first attempt to reference Milton using a diseased testicle; Ally questions the name choice of a man called William and why anyone would want to fuck a gender reversed doppelgänger of themselves; Cocky Carrot misses a Mary Poppins based open goal; Law Fox is happy to report that the UK is not at all racist; and the French Donkey makes a very good case for him being in control of the birthdays. Plus the floor is thrown open for questions for the King of the World. Maybe Rich should have stayed in bed.

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Published: 2nd April 2021.   Length: 65 minutes.   Size: 30.4mb


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