Radio Times review

It's men-only on Graham's guest list this evening as Joey from Friends (aka Matt LeBlanc) cosies up alongside Seth Rogen and Zac Efron who are in the UK to promote their new film Bad Neighbours.

Coincidentally, Le Blanc and Efron appeared on the show together in 2012 when there was much joshing about the High School Musical star's schmaltzy film choices. However, with reports suggesting that Efron has some issues with sobriety, it will be interesting to see whether Norton broaches the subject and explores the now commonplace transition from wholesome Disney star to troubled adult actor.

Ellie Austin, Radio Times, 25th April 2014

Lee Mack is all over BBC1's Friday night line-up tonight.

As well as his regular stint as team captain on Would I Lie To You?, he's also rubbing shoulders with Zac Efron and Matt Le Blanc on The Graham Norton Show for anyone who just can't get enough of him.

Here, his sitcom almost lives up to the promise of its title as Lee, Tim, Daisy and Lucy attempt to go on a camping trip but don't actually get out of the car.

Lee is trying to prove that he's more of a real man than Tim.

It's a contest which hardly seems worth taking part in, but perhaps that's why he's gallantly allocated the lion's share of one-liners to dim Daisy (played by Katy Wix) and is content to take more of a back seat.

Literally, in this case.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 27th April 2012

The latest series of the Telegraph agony uncles's playful chat vehicle rattles on with customary vim. This week's guests include former Friends star Matt LeBlanc, and Hollywood hunk Zac Efron, who will be talking about his latest film, [i]The Lucky One]. Though his eyebrow-cocked patter may not be as daring as it once was, Norton is ever the candid conversationalist. His disarming charm makes for entertaining interviews.

The Telegraph, 26th April 2012