Yennis Cheung

Lead Balloon star claims he's been ripped off

The co-star of Jack Dee sitcom Lead Balloon claims he has been ripped off over the new BBC pilot Chinese Burn.

Sean Power previously worked with stars Yennis Cheung and Shin-Fei Ching developing a similar web series called Chinese Girls In London.

Chortle, 30th November 2017

Review: Chinese Burn, BBC3

Somehow Chinese Burn, written by co-stars Cheung and Chen, manages to perpetuate stereotypes - the men tend to be pretty familiar jerks - while at the same time subvert them. I wonder if it would have been made in a pre-Fleabag world. It doesn't always feel quite as original as it thinks it is - Jackie's audition scene could have come from half a dozen past comedies - but it is good to see some fresh faces onscreen (as well as Felicity Montagu from Alan Partridge) and there's no denying that the half hour pilot zips by in a flash.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 29th November 2017

Chinese Burn review

As it stands, it might require some arm-twisting for Chinese Burn to go to series.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 27th November 2017

New BBC comedy aiming to smash East Asian stereotypes

For anyone frustrated with the lack of authentic Asian characters on screen, new BBC comedy Chinese Burn might be the perfect remedy.

Andy Gregory, i Newspaper, 27th November 2017

Chinese Burn preview

'Sweet, innocent, good at ping pong? Screw that!' The new show savaging Chinese stereotypes.

Dale Berning Sawa, The Guardian, 22nd November 2017

BBC Three announces new show Chinese Burn

BBC Three has announced a new sitcom which follows the escapades of "three 'normal' Chinese girls."

British Comedy Guide, 26th July 2017