Will Self

Have I Got News For You documentary to celebrate 30 years

Have I Got News For You is to mark its 30th anniversary with a commemorative documentary. Have I Got 30 Years For You will be broadcast on BBC One over the festive period.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd November 2020

Why Just a Minute hides a far more ruthless reality

Just A Minute has become one of the nation's most beloved radio shows -- but it began as a classroom humiliation, inflicted on daydreamers by a history teacher at Sherborne School in the Thirties.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 1st December 2017

Will Self meets Stewart Lee

As his TV series returns to our screens, comedian Stewart Lee talks to Will Self about his prickly stage persona, how social media is changing comedy and why you won't see him on Mock the Week.

Will Self, The Guardian, 26th February 2016

Will Self: I just want to be Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee is perhaps the most intelligent comedian ever to tread British boards.

Will Self, The New Statesman, 19th October 2015

What's the point of satire?

Satire is supposed to prick people's consciences and challenge the powerful - but is that possible in a society where no-one can agree the basis of right and wrong, asks Will Self.

Will Self, BBC News, 15th February 2015

Will Self: Vic & Bob cut my best jokes

Will Self has claimed that Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer cut his best lines from hit BBC quiz show Shooting Stars.

George Oliver, Teesside Gazette, 6th October 2014

A point of view: That joke isn't funny any more

Will Self asks why people laugh at jokes which he doesn't find funny, and whether there's such a thing as the wrong type of humour.

Will Self, BBC News, 22nd August 2014

David Blunkett attacks cynicism of Russell Brand

The attitude of commentators who discourage young people from voting is a "disgrace", Labour MP and former Home Secretary David Blunkett has said. ... He singled comedian Russell Brand and writer Will Self out for criticism.

BBC News, 21st January 2014