Wil Hodgson.

Wil Hodgson - Live On Bonfire Night

Wil Hodgson - Live On Bonfire Night

Light the blue touch paper, stand well back and keep well away from children and pets.

Now find yourself a safe vantage and prepare yourself for a spectacle as Wil shares stories from his childhood covering his love of comics and the 1960s TV Batman. He gives us a cautionary tale about the perils of drinking in a small town and revisits some of his scariest childhood moments courtesy of that strangest of British institutions - the Public Information Film.

First released: Thursday 15th September 2016


  • This disc also contains a full length video recording of Episode 10 of Wil and Mark Fortune's pop culture podcast We Hope It's Chips. We've also enabled you to chart Wil's beard growth by studying clips from some of his other DVD recordings.

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