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Celebrating Funny Women alumni: Viv Groskop

Acclaimed Writer, Critic, Broadcaster, Journalist, Stand-up comedian, MC, Podcaster, Bestselling Author (yes, you read that right: ALL OF THOSE THINGS!): Awards Alumni Coordinator Gemma Higgins talks to 2012 Funny Women Awards finalist Viv Groskop about the Trump delusion, comedy rites of passage, taking risks and why true friendship means sharing your hairdresser.

Gemma Higgins, Funny Women, 14th March 2019

Standups on their Edinburgh debuts

Bridget Christie got locked out, Nina Conti ran off with a monkey - and Reginald D Hunter begged his ex for help. Top comedians relive their first fringe gig.

The Guardian, 14th August 2018

Speaking in tongues: part 1

Stand-up comedy can be a tough business. There are so many moving parts it's ridiculous. First you must write it, then rewrite it, then agonise over every word before rewriting it again. Then there's the bigger picture - is it funny? When starting out you're working with an entirely blank canvas which means whittling down from infinity to a tight five which can be maddening.

Short Com, 8th August 2018

Edinburgh proves that comedy can be just about anything

Nothing is banned, everything is possible and although certain things fall in and out of fashion, says Viv Groskop.

Viv Groskop, i Newspaper, 3rd August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

Funny Women, August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

i Newspaper, August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Skinny, August 2018