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Victoria Wood - Wood Work: A Celebration

Victoria Wood - Wood Work: A Celebration

As one of Britain's best-loved and most talented writer/performers, Victoria Wood's career spanned forty years and numerous awards - including five BAFTAs. This Lancashire-born singer-songwriter, screenwriter, actor and director blazed a trail and inspired an entire generation of female comedy performers - her body of work will influence comedy for years to come.

Wood's astute observational humour was embodied in an engagingly flawed and uniquely British cast of characters - her warmth and universal appeal saw her embraced by all sections of the viewing public in a way that few performers have been - or are ever likely to.

This set celebrates Victoria Wood's unforgettable legacy with the following shows:

Screenplays: Three bittersweet plays - including the highly acclaimed Talent
Wood And Walters - Complete series of the BAFTA-nominated comedy, including the pilot show
An Audience With Victoria Wood - BAFTA-winning stand-up from 1988
Housewife, 49 - BAFTA-winning drama in this moving portrait of an ordinary woman during wartime

First released: Monday 22nd August 2016


  • Distributor: Network
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 5
  • Minutes: 573
  • Catalogue: 7954620

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