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Death To 2020 review

Of course, some will argue that we shouldn't be laughing at the horror-show in which we're all so inextricably mired, but I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to. Chances are, you will to.

Philip Caveney, Bouquets & Brickbats, 29th December 2020

Death To 2020: mockumentary proves comedy's demise

2020 has been a brutal year, but one that offers huge potential for humor. However, Death To 2020's tepid, establishment-friendly take on the past 12 months feels like the final nail in the coffin of true comedy.

Michael McCaffrey, Russia Today, 29th December 2020

Review: Death To 2020

Perhaps it's a case of too many cooks, with eighteen writers listed in the credits, and the desire to reach a much bigger audience given that the likes of Jackson, Jones, Grant and Milioti were all involved, but the satire felt bleakly blunted.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 27th December 2020

Review: Death To 2020

It fast became a cliché to say that the spiralling dystopia of 2020 was like an out-of-control episode of Black Mirror. So it was probably inevitable that Charlie Brooker would be called upon to offer a satirical summary of the momentously awful 12 months, especially given his track record with the Wipe series for the BBC. The result is a wry, often bleakly amusing look at the year, albeit without the astringent personal bite Brooker normally brings to his year-end round-ups.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 27th December 2020

Review: Death To 2020

Once people realise Death To 2020 isn't actually very Black Mirror-esque at all, but rather just a subpar year-in-review show - in the vein of Last Week Tonight only less sharp - I'm not sure why anybody would seek out this special.

Daniel Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter, 27th December 2020

Review: Death To 2020 is too rushed

The 70-minute Netflix special should probably have been at least five times longer.

Rory Cashin,, 27th December 2020

Review: Death To 2020

It's fun, but only if your idea of fun is watching 70 minutes of Hollywood stars reading out jokes from The Mash Report.

Chris Bennion, The Telegraph, 27th December 2020

Death To 2020 details confirmed

Full cast and production details have been confirmed for Charlie Brooker's end-of-year review, Netflix mockumentary Death To 2020.

British Comedy Guide, 21st December 2020