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Unseen Tony Hancock ephemera to be published

A treasure trove of previously unseen Tony Hancock material is to be released in a hefty new book put together by the comedian's great-niece Lucy.

Chortle, 29th March 2022

Tony Hancock's infamous ITV sitcom to be released

Hancock, the infamous ITV sitcom Tony Hancock made with ATV after his split from writers Galton & Simpson and the BBC, is to be released on DVD for the first time this spring. The 13 episodes have not been seen in more than 50 years.

British Comedy Guide, 21st March 2022

Tony Hancock sketch show to be released on DVD

Tony Hancock's first television series, a sketch show from early 1956 unseen since its original broadcast, is to be released on DVD next month.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd January 2022

The story of Joan Le Mesurier's love triangle

Married to one of television's best-known actors - John Le Mesurier, the beloved Sergeant Wilson of Dad's Army - Joan caused a scandal when she plunged into an affair with her husband's closest friend and Britain's most famous comic, Tony Hancock.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 20th July 2021

Hancock's Half Hour reminds us what once united Britain

In Hancock's Half Hour everyone is ridiculous - the people who hate change and the ones who seek it, in this playful mudbath of piss-take and self-parody. Implacable differences of opinion and outlook weren't a cause for mournful patience and hand-wringing toleration: they were the price you paid for a society full of people it was enjoyable to laugh at.

Zoe Williams, The Guardian, 26th December 2020

Top 10 books about comedy

Biographies, autobiographies, episode guides, script anthologies, tie-in books - my thirst for writing about comedy takes in the lot, so I've chosen not to differentiate between them. They're all of a piece, adding to our understanding and appreciation of the art.

Louis Barfe, The Guardian, 4th December 2019

Paul Merton on Hancock's Hollywood half-hour

Tony Hancock's two leading film roles are a reminder of the extremes of his comic genius. Paul Merton talks about the legacy of his hero - and how comedy is too coarse today.

Catherine Shoard, The Guardian, 20th September 2019

Newly restored Tony Hancock films and special cinema screening

Tony Hancock's celebrated early-1960s feature films have been restored for new Blu-ray releases, with a cinema screening planned for the acclaimed comedy classic The Rebel.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd September 2019

Tony Hancock's Morecambe theatre honour

A portrait of the late great comedian Tony Hancock has been unveiled in Morecambe's Winter Gardens by top entertainer Roy Walker.

The Visitor, 28th June 2018

Tony Hancock 50 years on

The most beloved comic voice of the post-war years destroyed himself with drink, jealousy and paranoia but remains a great original whose legacy deserves better.

Joe Sommerlad, The Independent, 25th June 2018

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