Tony Green

Tim Vine Travels In Time preview

The most obvious bit of time travelling that Tim Vine has achieved with this pilot is to propel it about six hours ahead of where it should be in the schedules. For there's no denying that with its cheap sets and cheesy jokes this has the feel of a kids' show, out of place in a 10.35pm slot.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 1st September 2017

Edinburgh Fringe day 9

My disappointment in this year's Fringe continues apace. Today I again saw nothing but successful, well-crafted and perfectly-performed comedy shows. WHERE IS THE SHIT??? I can't take much more of this excellent entertainment!

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 10th August 2017

The early days of the Comedy Store

"When the Comedy Store first started..." Tony Green told me, "...when anyone could go - it was Peter Rosengard's idea."

John Fleming, 24th May 2014

Interview with rebel comic Tony Green

In this blog a couple of days ago, comic Tony Green remembered the early days of British alternative comedy.

John Fleming, 22nd May 2014