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Art exhibition showcasing work by comedians opens

Art Is The Best Medicine, an exhibition showcasing the artwork of comedians, has opened in London. It runs until 20th December.

British Comedy Guide, 13th December 2019

Tales From The Lodge review

Despite the cast's commitment as they spark engagingly off each other, the contrived narrative doesn't really slot together.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 1st November 2019

TV preview: Stath Lets Flats, C4

It's about time C4 had a brand new hit. Marc Wootton's High & Dry didn't quite hit the spot, but maybe Stath Lets Flats is the one. I wouldn't let Stath anywhere near my flat but I'll watch him on my television. Through my fingers mostly.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 22nd June 2018

Bradley Walsh to star in new Radio 2 sitcom

Bradley Walsh is to star in The World According To Harry Priest, a new sitcom in development for Radio 2.

British Comedy Guide, 16th March 2018

BBC cancels Siblings sitcom

BBC Three has cancelled Siblings, the sitcom starring Tom Stourton and Charlotte Ritchie, after two series.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd July 2016

Series two continues, with Dan (Tom Stourton) given an enlightening vision of a future without the rule of his maniacal mother, thanks to a visit from his feckless Aunt Leslie (the excellent Sally Phillips), who teaches him that he can get anything he wants from society without giving anything in return. Meanwhile, after the delivery of six unordered pizzas, Hannah (Charlotte Ritchie) believes that she's entered a "golden week", a rarified era when lucky breaks will continue to flow liberally.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 11th January 2016

Radio Times review

When it's good, this simple-seeming sitcom about brother-and-sister flatmates is very good. The best laughs come from Charlotte Ritchie as Hannah, an amoral, arrogant, self-centred cow who, in spite or because of those qualities, you could happily watch all day long.

The way Hannah blithely takes a pulled pork sandwich into a doctor's appointment or praises her own good looks ("Look at me - I'm a solid nine, nine and a half") is both horrifying and endearing. She shares a flat with her layabout of a brother Dan (Tom Stourton), who is so impressed by the news that employees at Hannah's workplace get free birthday cake, he takes a job as the world's most annoying office cleaner ("Pretend I'm not here").

David Butcher, Radio Times, 4th January 2016

BBC Three orders Siblings Series 2

Siblings, the sitcom starring Charlotte Ritchie and Tom Stourton as a lazy and self-centred sister and brother, is to return for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 10th September 2014