Tom Stade.

Tom Stade

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First Gig, Worst Gig: Tom Stade

Thursday 25th May 2017

The charismatic Canadian has been compared to Keith Richards, feels a kinship with Beyonce, and once did a corporate on an alien space cruiser.


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Review - Tom Stade: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

Playful yet dark cautionary tale from comedy's bad boy.

Jay Richardson, The List, 19th March 2020

A quick round-up of the shows to see

Here are my Scottish based Fringe recommendations.

Chrissy Ross, The EDIT, 19th August 2019

Tom Stade interview

Tom Stade reveals he uses stand-up to keep suicidal thoughts at bay.

Sue Crawford, The Mirror, 8th July 2019

Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 nominations

The nominations for the Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 have been announced. Breaking The News leads the lists. Chris Forbes, Christopher MacArthur-Boyd, Jay Lafferty, Larry Dean, Liam Withnail, Limmy, Susie McCabe and Tom Stade are in the running for best solo show.

British Comedy Guide, 10th May 2019

Tom Stade: I Swear To... review

Stade shows just why people keep coming back in a slick, professional and very funny show.

Aisling McGuire, The Wee Review, 1st April 2019

Comedy review: Tom Stade, Pyramid

It's the sort of experience where it's not about the punchlines - you are grinning, nodding and laughing constantly throughout. How Tom is not a bigger name in the comedy world is anyone's guess. Go see for yourself before the secret gets out.

David Morgan, Warrington Guardian, 12th February 2019

Monkey solids!

These days every comedian has a gimmick or a life story to tell. What about those who just throw their RICH, FECUND FUNNY at your face for the ENTIRE 55 minutes? Like these...

Billy Coconuts, FringePig, 14th August 2018

25 of the top gags from the Fringe

From snakes to smashing the patriarchy, these are the funniest gags from this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Jessie Thompson, Evening Standard, 11th August 2018