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Scenes Of A Sexual Nature review

Ewan McGregor, Tom Hardy and Sophie Okonedo are big names doing small roles in this pleasant 2006 portmanteau film.

Leslie Felperin, The Guardian, 30th October 2020

BBC Three to publish animated comedy Sticky

BBC Three is to show Sticky, an animated comedy starring Tom Hardy, Javone Prince, Kayvan Novak and Charlotte Riley.

British Comedy Guide, 26th July 2017

Stag is 'Bullingdon Club meets The Revenant'

Hitting television screens later this week is a brilliant new dark comedy from BBC Two that evokes the likes of Boris Johnson and David Cameron with Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio on a nightmare weekend in Scotland.

Cameron K McEwan, Metro, 20th February 2016

Tom Hardy is the big draw as the hooting jabberfest returns. He's hawking his split-screen, award-baiting new dual role as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray in Legend - although once you've seen his Kray twins compared on social media to Chris Morris and Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan, you can't unsee it. Also bouncing on to the sofa is Demi Lovato, who hit the ground running on her previous appearance by swigging Dr Pepper straight from a two-litre bottle and cracking jokes about Simon Cowell's chest hair.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 11th September 2015

The Trip is such a pleasure to look at - from the meals to the wine and the sweeping Italian vistas - that it's easy to forget just how unusual an idea it is. Part improvised comedy, part foodie travelogue, all built around the testy charms of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing heightened versions of themselves, outdoing each other with impressions of Michael Caine and Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight, or Parky. They've redefined the idea of what a half-hour sitcom can be, with non-stop gags, and just a hint of drama around the edges - Coogan's son, Brydon's dalliances - to add a touch of pathos in the Italian sunshine.

Richard Vine, The Guardian, 7th July 2014

The Trip To Italy review

The highlight of this first episode was the much trailed Batman scene with the tear-choking Michael Caines and incomprehensible Christian Bales and Tom Hardys. Yet it's extended beyond the online teasers into a dig at Bale's reputation for preciousness and questioning if Hardy could hold a two by four to Brydon's B&Q voiceovers.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 4th April 2014

Radio Times review

I had some sympathy with those who thought 2010's first series of The Trip was too self-referential and up itself. They'll probably think the same of this second series, where Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan play versions of themselves pootling through Italy dining in high-end restaurants. None of this alters the fact that it's helplessly, hilariously funny.

Both men are obviously a bit older and a bit more aware of the passage of time. Coogan's worried that his career might be hitting the doldrums and that he doesn't have his old pulling-power now that women see him as middle-aged.

He and Brydon have a good-naturedly barbed friendship as they chat amicably over dinner, kicking around each other's insecurities. The best bits are their competitive impressions - Brydon doing a B&Q advert voiceover as Tom Hardy's Batman villain Bane is a hoot.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 4th April 2014

Following semi-improvised gem The Trip, where Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon played versions of themselves in northern eateries, Michael Winterbottom returns to direct this follow-up, set in rooms containing Italian restaurant-goers. Expect more impersonations, including a superb riff on Tom Hardy's Batman villain Bane stealing Brydon's voiceover work.

Mark Jones, The Guardian, 4th April 2014