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Tom Craine interview

The comedian, writer and broadcaster on the things that make him laugh the most.

The Guardian, 3rd July 2020

Dave's Advent Calendar to include 24 comedy shorts

Channel Dave is to broadcast a new 2 minute comedy short across the first 24 days in December. Stars include Ed Gamble, Nick Helm, Rachel Parris, Kerry Godliman, Romesh Ranganathan and Zoe Lyons.

British Comedy Guide, 24th October 2018

TV review: Josh, Series 3, Episode 2, BBC3/BBC1

I wish somebody would explain the logic of how the BBC schedules programmes. Why, for example, is the whole of Upstart Crow available online from the moment the series starts on BBC2, whereas Josh, which is an online BBC3 series is being drip-fed to fans week-by-week as if, well, as if it was a real TV programme. Yes, I know it is a real TV programme, but you know what I mean. And just to muddy things further it also airs on BBC1 - it just feels like fuzzy logic to me. If anything is going to be released boxed set-stylee it should be an online show surely...

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 10th October 2017

TV preview: Josh, BBC Three, iPlayer

In the first episode there were hints of everything from Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? and Men Behaving Badly to Seinfeld.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 16th September 2016

Josh Widdicombe and Tom Craine debate TV flatmates

The writers of Josh debate on the best and worst TV flatmates.

Josh Widdicombe and Tom Craine, BBC Blogs, 18th November 2015

Tom Craine interview

Tom Craine talks about the cultural panic that exists around being single nowadays, and the joy of co-writing the new TV sitcom Josh.

British Comedy Guide, 18th August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

Chortle, August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

Loose Lips, August 2014