Brass. Bradley Hardacre (Timothy West).

Timothy West

Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes - Timothy West plays Private Godfrey

From Series 1 of Dad's Army - The Lost Episodes. Featuring: Timothy West (Private Godfrey).

Toast Of London - Old Dog, Same Tricks

From Series 3, Episode 5 of Toast Of London. Featuring: Matt Berry (Steven Toast), Timothy West (Ormond Sacker), Robert Bathurst (Ed Howzer-Black).

Terry Pratchett's Going Postal - Timothy West on Mustrum Ridcully

Featuring: Richard Coyle (Moist Von Lipwig), David Suchet (Reacher Gilt), Charles Dance (Lord Vetinari), Timothy West (Mustrum Ridcully), Madhav Sharma (Crispin Horsefly).