Tim Vine.

Tim Vine - Sunset Milk Idiot Live

Tim Vine - Sunset Milk Idiot Live

It's Tim Vine hitting the stage at full speed and firing off jokes like a tennis ball serving-machine set to maximum.

Prepare to be bombarded with absolute nonsense. Experience Owl with a towel! Witness the wearing of an ice cream hat under hot lights! Meet the record Toucan! Sing about Cake and Milk?

This is Tim's silliest show to date. More laughs than ever before and his only show wearing blur shorts.

Teddies on a hoop!
Teddies on a hoop!

First released: Monday 25th November 2019


  • TIM'S COMMENTARY: Tim talks about his act while he's doing his act.
  • A FEW MORE JOKES AND ANOTHER SONG: Tim returns to the stage to keep on going.
  • A LITTE BIT OF PLASTIC: Spend a moment with Plastic Elvis.
  • VENUE ADVERTS: A selection of the tour video adverts filmed mainly in Tim's kitchen.
  • SUNSET MILK IDIOT PICTURES: A montage of stills from Sunset Milk Idiot on tour. With Team Sunset: Vine, Archer and Jobbins.

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