Tim Key.

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Tim Key interview

Saturday 8th February 2014

Tim Key might have been a journalist, or a criminologist. Thankfully, he became a comedian instead. He tells us more in this interview.


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Tim Key interview

The comedian, actor and poet is a fan of Irvine Welsh, Russian nonsense and Post-its.

Alice Jones, i Newspaper, 28th April 2020

The 8 best comedy podcasts around right now

Christ alive, we could all do with a laugh. Fortunately, take a wander into the podcast world and you'll soon be ankle-deep in funny stuff. Where to start, though?

Esquire, 18th April 2020

Comedy's coronavirus crisis

With gigs cancelled and no support given to an art form that Art Council England does not officially recognise, comedians fear the worst.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 18th March 2020

Days Of The Bagnold Summer review

Days Of The Bagnold Summer is an endearing, accessible film for anyone who's struggled through puberty, or, indeed, struggled to connect with a family member going through it.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 5th March 2020

Greed - The Devil is in the retail

Told in mockumentary style flashbacks, we see Coogan's McCreadie making his way in the fashion world and declaring his shops 'dreadful' using various obscenities.

Jazzy Janey, A Dose Of David Mitchell, 2nd March 2020

Film review: Greed

Despite the censoring, Greed gets its message across, and leaves you thinking about it a long time after you walk out of the cinema - food for thought indeed.

Rhianna Evans, The Comedy Blog, 28th February 2020

Review: Greed

As one wonders how much this film overlaps with Coogan and Winterbottom's upcoming Trip To Greece in terms of inspiration, one also wonders if the actor is keeping a little powder dry for his future #MeToo comedy-drama with Solemani on Channel 4.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 21st February 2020

Art exhibition showcasing work by comedians opens

Art Is The Best Medicine, an exhibition showcasing the artwork of comedians, has opened in London. It runs until 20th December.

British Comedy Guide, 13th December 2019