Comedy Legends. Terry-Thomas. Copyright: 3DD.

Golden oldies: Britain's best vintage comedy

The best old sitcoms, stand up and stars of the silver screen are just what the nation needs to get us through these long housebound days - not everything on Netflix is notable, and Amazon Prime is hit and miss. So why not do yourself a favour, and when next looking for something to bring a smile to your face, take a trip back in time to see some of Britain's best comedy.

Benedict Spence, The Spectator, 21st April 2020

A Boulting brothers comedy based on Kingsley Amis's bestselling satirical novel. Little satire here, though: the casting of Ian Carmichael as the eponymous hero, with Terry-Thomas in attendance, points to a more broadly farcical intent. The angry young university lecturer Jim Dixon is invited to the house of pompous professor Hugh Griffith for the weekend, where he is acutely accident-prone.

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 4th January 2018

A satirical antidote to the stiff-upper-lip war films of the 40s and 50s. This is more the province of a Carry On Marching, with naive national serviceman Ian Carmichael embarking on an unofficial raid on Germany to liberate Nazi-acquired art treasures. One of the great fighting platoons of British comedy - including Terry Thomas, Dennis Price and Richard Attenborough - work classic manoeuvres.

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 30th May 2016

Robert Hamer's last film, made as his alcoholism was taking a heavy toll, lacks the delicious wickedness of earlier works, such as Kind Hearts And Coronet, but there's much to enjoy. Based on Stephen Potter's bestselling books Gamesmanship, Oneupmanship and Lifemanship, it stars Ian Carmichael as the naive Palfrey, who joins Alastair Sim's College of Lifemanship to turn the tables on his oppressors: a snooty waiter, a pair of secondhand car swindlers and, worst of all, tennis cheat Terry-Thomas, who has stolen his girlfriend.

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 7th May 2016