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Sweet F Aye enterprise handed £5000 boost

A new social enterprise tackling the stigma surrounding female incontinence has secured £5000 from the Scottish Government's Social Entrepreneurs Fund. Sweet F Aye was founded by a trio of comedians, Susan Morrison, Jojo Sutherland, and Elaine Millar, aiming to provide targeted assistance to those dealing with women's incontinence through comedy shows and workshops, dispelling the stigma and silence surrounding the issue.

The National, 13th March 2019

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7 most annoying questions for Fringe performers

It can be a tough life for performers working away at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. As well as trying to pull in a crowd during the biggest arts festival in the world and dealing with an endless array of hecklers convinced they belong on the stage, year after year they find themselves faced with the same bafflingly obvious questions.

Susan Morrison, Edinburgh Evening News, 15th August 2014

Have women in Scottish comedy been overlooked?

Stand-up Susan Morrison laments that Scotland never produced a female comic star in that era with an international following like Lancashire-born Gracie Fields or American performers Phyllis Diller and Fanny Brice. Nevertheless, when the amateur historian hosts Giggling Jock: A Short History Of Scottish Comedy at the Stand next week, she'll be revisiting the underappreciated female acts she considers "proto-stand-ups".

Jay Richardson, The Scotsman, 8th November 2012

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One4Review, August 2012