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Accommodation woes

Wednesday 14th August 2019

We asked a range of comedians about their accommodation at this year's Fringe, and for disaster stories from previous years.


Edinburgh rules

Monday 12th August 2019

Many performers set themselves Edinburgh rules, like not drinking for the month. We asked this year's Fringers what theirs are.


Press Clippings

Celebs think they can be comics? What a joke

Steve N Allen writes: "As a professional stand-up, who has been working on the circuit for years, I find the idea of celebrities learning the art of comedy in a two-part reality series pretty insensitive".

Steve N Allen, The Independent, 5th October 2020

Comics mock Tories more simply because they're in power

The government makes decisions that impact lives. If there's a joke that can reveal an inherent flaw in the logic of that decision, it deserves to be done, writes Steve N Allen.

Steve N Allen, The Independent, 2nd September 2020

Times Radio: The future of comedy

A Times Radio discussion on the future of comedy with Suchandrika Chakrabarti, Steve N Allen and Don Ward. Starts 6 minutes, 45 seconds in.

The Times, 18th August 2020

Comics Solving Problems review

This show is more than good enough to keep you smiling and the likeable pairing of Allen and McElroy steer themselves capably through a solid comedy set.

James Hanton, The Wee Review, 16th August 2020

Review: Comics Solving Problems

McElroy and Allen mix comedy with an occasional edge of sincerity, a nod to the fact that times are hard at the moment, for a lot of people.

Sarah Pumphery, A Younger Theatre, 16th August 2020

Quarantine questions: Steve N Allen and Erich McElroy

Interview with Steve N Allen and Erich McElroy.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 13th August 2020

Interview: Steve N Allen and Erich McElroy

The Edinburgh Festival is of course sadly not taking place this year, but at least some new comedy shows are still being produced thanks to The Online Free Fringe Fest, which is where Steve and Erich have joined forces to produce Comics Solving Problems.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 13th August 2020

Steve N Allen: help us save live comedy

What do I, whales and the NHS have in common? It's not that we're all larger than is probably needed. There have been campaigns to save us. Not me in particular, but the Save Live Comedy campaign has been launched (visit

Steve N Allen, The Hackney Gazette, 18th July 2020