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10 surprising truths we've learnt from WILTY guests

From the celeb that went to school with Bin Laden, to Mel Giedroyc's very cheeky snog.

Radio Times, 16th September 2016

Radio Times review

Host Rob Brydon and team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack return for series eight of the jolly panel show that tests the fibbing skills of celebrity teams. In this opening episode Micky Flanagan is the sole comedian guest, alongside TV presenters (of one form or other) Fiona Bruce, Claudia Winkleman and Steve Jones.

Did Flanagan liven up a hen do by taking his clothes off? Does Fiona Bruce dream about monkeys? And did Steve Jones once save rapper P Diddy's life? It may be inspired by elements from other panel shows (Call My Bluff and the mystery guest element from They Think It's All Over being the most obvious), but thanks in large part to the wit and repartee of the three regulars, the fun is infectious.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 12th September 2014

The tall stories (some true, some not) comedy panel show returns for an eighth series. Its longevity has much to do with the way host Rob Brydon, plus team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell, get close to the knuckle without taking things too far for primetime, a tricky balancing act when Mitchell discusses the lead-up to an alleged vomiting incident ("There was definitely drinking, I think there might have been crisps ... "). First guests are Fiona Bruce, Micky Flanagan, Steve Jones and Claudia Winkleman.

Jonathan Wright, The Guardian, 12th September 2014

Radio Times review

Radio Times still has in its trophy cabinet a golden bowling pin that our crack team won in Frank Skinner's press invitational bowling tournament some years ago (narrowly beating The One Show). So it's no surprise that the host isn't sympathetic when Sue Perkins suggests consigning one of his favourite sports to Room 101. Instead, he upstages it with a clip of "cat laser bowling", a heartless pastime that cat lovers should on no account watch.

Perkins is on good form, though. She describes a mime artist as "a clown you can't hear coming" and mail-order clothing catalogues as "40 pages of wan nymphets in clogs". Also on the panel are Steve Jones and, showing a ridiculous amount of chest, Bruno Tonioli.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 14th March 2014

The gloves are off as a trio of talent show presenters go head-to-head-to-head. Bake Off's Sue Perkins turns up the heat as she tries to convince Frank Skinner mime artists should be silenced once and for all - and will Hair's raven-maned Steve Jones and Strictly's alarmingly décolleté Bruno Tonioli be able to conjure up pet hates to counter her case? Flat-pack furniture and gym etiquette are among the subjects nominated for eternal damnation.

Nick Rutherford and Carol Carter, Metro, 14th March 2014

Although not quite as miscast as fellow BBC family ent host Graham Norton, Steve Jones is nevertheless an odd choice for this, another TV quiz show. A Question of Sport-lite (circa 1970) with a bit of Screen Test thrown in, Jones struggles to make his scripted one-liners and banter seem anything other than forced. One senses that, like Norton, he's desperate to add some irreverence with a less-santised commentary. The feeling of to be or whoquite knowing what it wants to be or who it wants to appal to isn't helped by the show's erratic quest list, which by the show's erratic guest list, which runs from Pauline Quirke to Lauren Laverne.

Lisa Campbell, Broadcast, 24th July 2009

Responding to the nationwide clamour for a return of Telly Addicts, the BBC have a new panel show about TV. It is positioned as a sort of Mock The Week for people who find current affairs a bit taxing. Handsome idiot Steve Jones from T4 is your host, while the deeply personable Fern Britton and Jason Manford are the team captains for a trivia quiz, while tonight's guests give you a fairly accurate read on the sort of 'hilarity' that will ensue: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Lauren Laverne, Pauline Quirke and Tina Hobley.

TV Bite, 17th July 2009

Just hours after her 10-year run on This Morning comes to a tearful end today (we predict), Fern Britton is back on our screens as a team captain (together with Jason Manford) on a new TV trivia quiz hosted by Steve Jones.

Not quite as leftfield as Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching, on C4 - this is actually good fun with some cleverly inventive rounds in which the panellists show off their telly knowledge.

Bonus points tonight go to Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, for pointing out that their studio desk looks like a giant red toilet bowl. "We're like germs under the rim," he grumbles, accurately. And a prize to the wag responsible for providing us with a (possibly unintentional) shot of Steve Jones posed neatly between the nipples of a bare-chested James Corden.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 17th July 2009