Steve Coogan.

Steve Coogan

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Making Stan & Ollie

Friday 11th January 2019

An in-depth feature in which the cast and crew of Stan & Ollie explain how they brought Laurel & Hardy's story to the big screen. Details include how they re-created the 1950s in modern day England, and the work that went into the make-up and costumes.


I, Partridge autobiography sequel

Wednesday 15th April 2015

Orion Publishing has announced that it will publish a follow-up book to Alan Partridge's hit 2011 autobiography, I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan.


Press Clippings

Caroline Aherne's first comedy gigs

She sometimes said she'd rather be a hairdresser but Aherne's cheeky early appearances in the pubs and clubs of Manchester led her to TV fame.

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 13th July 2021

Alan Partridge's a dinosaur so why's he still relevant?

It seems everyone from scandal-hit politicians to Richard Madeley has been given the Partridge treatment lately. Ed Cumming explores the curious position Steve Coogan's hapless character occupies in the culture.

Ed Cumming, The Independent, 5th July 2021

Steve Coogan dedicates This Time to late nephew Will

A touching tribute was left at the end of the BBC's This Time With Alan Partridge series on Friday night.

Dianne Bourne, Manchester Evening News, 4th June 2021

Why Partridge on One Show would be a national disaster

An online petition to get the This Time With Alan Partridge duo to present the real-life TV magazine show must not succeed - and here's why.

Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, 27th May 2021

Alan Partridge live 2022 arena tour announced

Steve Coogan will tour a new Alan Partridge live show around arenas in April and May 2022.

British Comedy Guide, 26th May 2021

The attempted suicide of Partridge & other characters

A look at sitcom characters and suicide, or attempted suicide. Includes talk about Neil in The Young Ones, Denholm Reynholm in The IT Crowd, and a Toblerone-addicted Alan Partridge's barefoot drive to Dundee.

David E. J. A. Bennett, Capers Magazine, 25th May 2021

Why The Trip is one of best comedy franchises of 2010s

The series' documentary approach helped maintain a joyful spontaneity through all four series, which were also adapted as films.

Liam Gaughan, Collider, 24th May 2021

Steve Coogan spotted filming scenes in Edinburgh

Steve Coogan has been spotted in Edinburgh while shooting his upcoming film The Lost King.

Edinburgh Evening News, 12th May 2021