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Buffering review game of millennial catchphrase bingo

The new comedy from Love Island narrator Iain Stirling draws deeply on his own experience in that very demanding field of children's entertainment - the trouble is, it's not that funny.

Sean O'Grady, The Independent, 5th August 2021

Buffering review

Having a cast that can light up the screen is no substitute for a confident script with a sense of purpose - and in Buffering, it seems this crucial element is still waiting to load.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 5th August 2021

TV Review: Buffering, ITV2, episode 1

Crikey, ITV2 in funny sitcom shock? Yes, and it's called Plebs. Only joking, Buffering is pretty good too.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 5th August 2021

Interview: Buffering co-creator Steve Bugeja

Steve Bugeja on portraying the reality of life in your twenties.

Ross Crae, The Sunday Post, 4th August 2021

I talk to Steve Bugeja

"We're aware of what people are going to expect from a Love Island/Iain Stirling sitcom so we want to immediately surprise them."

Elliot Gonzalez, I Talk Telly, 2nd August 2021

Iain Stirling and Steve Bugeja on Buffering

The duo have dug deep into their experience of grotty houseshares and kids' TV to create the new show.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 27th July 2021

Iain Stirling's Buffering series confirmed by ITV2

ITV2 has officially announced Buffering, a new sitcom co-written by and starring Iain Stirling.

British Comedy Guide, 10th March 2021

Cast details revealed for Iain Stirling's ITV sitcom Buffering

Jessie Cave is set to star alongside Iain Stirling in his new ITV2 sitcom Buffering.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd October 2020