Alfie Brown on being the son of Spitting Image staff

Alfie Brown is the son of two comedians - one an impressionist (Jan Ravens), and the other a comedy songwriter (Steve Brown) - but he has been determined to follow his own path into stand up and tackle subjects that jokes can negotiate better than conversation.

Sarah Walters, Manchester Evening News, 25th November 2015

I Can't Sing: why X Factor musical was voted off

The popularity of Simon Cowell's TV talent shows peaked a couple of years ago. Harry Hill and Steve Brown's show was staged too late - and felt conflicted. We were asked to laugh at the vacuousness of it all yet also care about the characters.

Mark Watson, The Guardian, 28th April 2014

Review: I Can't Sing! (London Palladium)

If you can get over the total absurdity and nonsense then there is much to enjoy in Harry Hill and Steve Brown's money-maker.

James M, So So Gay, 29th March 2014

I Can't Sing! (London Palladium) review

Harry Hill and Steve Brown's X Factor musical is a night of "bona fide popular variety entertainment".

Michael Coveney, What's On Stage, 27th March 2014

I Can't Sing! review

Although it has flashes of wit, Harry Hill and Steve Brown's show doesn't know whether it wants to excoriate The X Factor or boost its TV ratings.

Michael Billington, The Guardian, 27th March 2014

Interview: I Can't Sing co-writer Steve Brown

I Can't Sing opens at the Palladium later this week. Beyond The Joke spoke to co-writer Steve Brown while the show was previewing. Brown has been a regular musical collaborator with Harry Hill over the years - he was in Harry's Band The Caterers on their last tour.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 24th March 2014