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Known for: Bluestone 42 (Simon), Threesome (Mitch)

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Nina Sosanya leads cast in Channel 4 prison comedy Screw

Nina Sosanya will star in Screw, Channel 4's new comedy drama set in a prison. Jamie-Lee O'Donnell from Derry Girls and King Gary's Laura Checkley also feature in the cast list.

British Comedy Guide, 4th May 2021

Meet the cast of Bluestone 42

We speak to Oliver Chris, Stephen Wight, Gary Carr, Kelly Adams and the other stars of BBC3's controversial new Afghanistan war comedy.

Susanna Lazarus, Radio Times, 5th March 2013

Threesome cast have best chemisty

Threesome stars Amy Huberman, Emun Elliott and Stephen Wight officially have the best cast chemistry according to iTunes.

Comedy Central, 14th December 2011

Starting from a preposterous premise - Alice and boyfriend Mitch have drug-fuelled sex with gay flatmate Richie; Alice gets pregnant; all three decide to raise baby together - this rambunctious comedy manages to get hearty, and frequently filthy, laughs from its unlikely situation.

The three leads, Amy Huberman, Stephen Wight and Emun Elliott, have the easy rapport of true friends; Wight seems to be channelling Russell Tovey (a good thing) and Huberman is brilliant as the fretful Alice - the fear on her face as she enters a pram shop made me laugh out loud. And look out for Pauline McLynn in the second of tonight's double bill, in a terrific turn as Alice's monstrous mother.

The humour is suitably broad for the subject matter - there are enough drinks, drugs and sex tonight to fuel a Trainspotting sequel - but there are neat gags, and a wonderful bit of physical comedy involving an escalator, a mobile phone and the results of a sperm test.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 17th October 2011

Return of Alistair Beaton and Tom Mitchelson's satire on the modern-day world of newspapers. It's not "hold the front page" any more, but rather "how many hits did that make on the website?" Yet everyone needs news and the electronic media still need print to feed from. So here's Oliver (Alex Jennings) sitting in the editor's chair, old school ace reporter Maddox (John Sessions) still turning up the splash stories but needing support from web whizz Freddy (Stephen Wight) who's really a posh lad (and rich with it) but talks street lingo for extra cred.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 3rd December 2010

Matt King and Oli Lansley's slightly offbeat country kitchen sitcom is up there with Rev as one of the best comedy debuts of the year. Among the main cast - led by Alan Davies's chef Roland - Michelin-starred delights come from Isy Suttie's dippy waitress and Stephen Wight's turn as the menacingly ambitious (and weird) trainee chef Skoose. Tonight, Roland breaks the heart of his long-suffering sous chef Bib when he names Skoose as his sous for a TV cooking segment, and Australian comic Mark Little (AKA Joe Mangel from Neighbours) guests.

Will Dean, The Guardian, 26th October 2010

Alan Davies is a love him or hate him kind of actor, but Whites shows just how likable and nuanced he can be. More surprisingly here, perhaps, since he stars as Roland White, an "executive chef" in a high-end restaurant. White is, needless to say, an offal-crazed gastronome with mad hair, but he's not a monster, and that speaks well of the subtleties of this very funny show co-written by Matt "Super Hans" King. Able support comes from Katherine Parkinson and Stephen Wight as weird, ambitious new chef Skoose.

The Guardian, 28th September 2010

Alan Davies - he's the curly-haired Arsenal fan who used to be a stand-up - stars in this new comedy drama about once-famous chef Roland White, who long-ago lost his pizzazz and with it his Michelin stars. Now's he's struggling to keep a country-house hotel afloat in the company of his long-suffering sous chef, Bib (Darren Boyd).

Their task isn't made easier by dozy waitress Kiki (Isy Suttie), ambitious apprentice chef Skoose (Stephen Wight) and sarcastic restaurant manager Caroline (Katherine Parkinson). There's a great moment in tonight's opening episode which involves Kiki telling Skoose what happened when she was caught short and had to go to the toilet behind a gravestone in the churchyard. "I thought I saw a ghost, but it was just wee steam." She also asks Bib for an eggless omlette, and is handed an empty plate sprinkled with parsley.

The cast trained in Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant, so at least the chopping and plating-up look fairly authentic. So does the way the programme is filmed, using fast editing and handheld cameras to give a real idea of what life in a busy kitchen is actually like.

Writers Matt King and Oliver Lansley are said to have modelled the whole thing on the US hit Entourage, which isn't a bad template for a comedy drama. Looking down the cast list, it might be safer to say Peep Show is the inspiration: Suttie also plays the wonderful Dobby in the long-running Channel 4 comedy, while writer King (who also appears in Whites as wheeler-dealer Melvin) is better known as Super Hans.

Barry Didcock, The Herald, 28th September 2010

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