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Stephen Keyworth
Stephen Keyworth

Stephen Keyworth

  • English
  • Writer, director, script editor, comedian, tutor and improviser

Press clippings

Review: A (Gay Disabled Transexual) Love Story...

A review of Stephen Keyworth's real-life inspired play A (Gay Disabled Transexual) Love Story Told to a Ticket Inspector at Alton Towers.

Yasmin Sulaiman, The Skinny, 5th August 2017

Breaking The Bank review

Breaking The Bank is an amiably silly comedy set in the world of high finance.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail, 3rd June 2016

Breaking the Bank review - fluffy financial sitcom

A good cast led by Kelsey Grammer lifts this comedy about banking, as an old-fashioned British firm falls foul of a shark-like US investor, out of the doldrums.

Leslie Felperin, The Guardian, 2nd June 2016

Breaking The Bank review

Kelsey Grammer sports a British accent in a light comedy that raps the knuckles of the banking community.

Hollywood Reporter, 21st December 2014

EastEnders actor Nitin Ganatra is a nice man who plays nice, family man Masood on the show. But he's not a happy man. He wants to play more gritty, morally complex roles and sets out to convince his agent that he's not the meek and pleasant man that everyone thinks he is. He thinks that sleeping with the wife of the continuity man should be enough, but finds that he'll have to stop tiptoeing around the issue if he wants to make it as a dark and dangerous character. Ganatra plays himself in Stephen Keyworth's frothy comedy about the parallel perils of soap opera actors getting typecast and people in relationships getting stuck in a rut of mundane routine.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 9th February 2011

This is a comedy about adultery by Stephen Keyworth. Nitin Ganatra (real-life actor on EastEnders) plays himself, trying to show his agent he has a wider range than the "nice guy" roles he always plays and, to prove it, declares he's having an affair with the wife of an EastEnders crew member. The thing is, she's married to the continuity man on the show, the person who always has to know where things are and make sure nothing is moved to the wrong place. Bad news for lovers, perhaps, who may leave something under a bed that wasn't there before.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 9th February 2011

Review: A (Gay Disabled Transexual) Love Story...

This is as good a play as I've ever seen about the absurdity of prejudice. Stephen Keyworth has taken incidents from performer Robert Softley's life and spun a poignant but very funny tale.

Robin T. Barton, Broadway Baby, 21st August 2007

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