Sophie Steward

  • Actor

Video clips

Virtual Insanity - New Hope

It's the last day of online learning, Mr Clark and the kids reflect on the difficulties and resilience endured during the lockdown period as they prepare to return to the classroom.

Virtual Insanity - Career Chaos

Mr Clark discusses with each kid their career aspirations for when they leave school, much to his frustration.

Virtual Insanity - The Show Must Go On

Mr Clark is called upon to cast and audition the kids for the Summer Musical, which brings out the creative, argumentative, competitive and surprising sides of the kids in the class.

Virtual Insanity - All in the Past

Mr Clark tests the class on their knowledge of the past with a frustrating history lesson, before the class call Mr Clark out on his own past forcing him to open up about life and how the paths you take lead to who you become.

Virtual Insanity - The Rhythm of Life

With Mr Clark struggling with connection issues, the class take it upon themselves to deliver a music lesson that hits all the right notes, all be it with some interesting results.

Virtual Insanity - To be or not to be........ boring

Mr Clark and his class tackle an English lesson like no other, taking on Shakespeare to Classics, from Limericks to Insults.

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