The Smoking Room. Sharon (Siobhan Redmond). Copyright: BBC.

Siobhan Redmond

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From start (By the Sleepy Lagoon drifts over Jan and Mick as they discuss toes) to finish (Con te partirĂ² swells over a jubilant pool party), this episode is an unbridled joy. The second penned by Steve Pemberton, it subtly gets under the skin of the broad characters.

Madge turns cougar with her young "Muslamic" catch Mohammed, Gavin is trapped with Noreen, Sam gets off with the most unlikely bloke, and Trudy (too old) and Michael (too young) try to crash an 18-30 booze cruise.

Plus, Siobhan Redmond guest-stars as the coach of an Olympic swimming team. Think an ultra-brusque Miss Jean Brodie and you'll be halfway there.

Patrick Mulkern, Radio Times, 23rd March 2012

There's no holding Stanley Baxter, now in his mid-eighties and apparently becoming as indestructible as Macbeth claimed to be in Shakespeare's play. A new series of The Stanley Baxter Playhouse starts with a comedy written by Scottish playwright Rona Munro which retells the saga from the viewpoint of the clownish Porter. Gordon Kennedy plays Macbeth and Siobhan Redmond as Lady Macbeth consolidates her CV of wicked females, while Baxter himself takes the Porter's role, assuring us that he had great plans for his master, before everything went pear-shaped.

Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman, 13th September 2010